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Safety and quality of the product

Global GAP is a voluntary and independent quality certificate, ensuring the safety of food production on a farm. It was created in response to growing consumer demands and the need to establish a common procedure and a uniform standard for Good Agricultural Practice.

Farms applying for this certificate are obliged to implement and then absolute compliance with the following principles:

  • ensuring traceability of the whole production cycle
  • application of Integrated Pest Management
  • ensuring optimization of fertilizing taking into account soil tests and individual plant requirements
  • ensuring the quality of products through analyses of the residues of plant protection chemicals in the product
  • ensuring proper quality of water used in each stage of production
  • ensuring health and safety of work as well as development for the workers
  • protecting the natural environment and proper management of waste and pollutants
  • keeping records of any activities related to carrying out all procedures required by the certification.

Our farm joined the Glogal GAP certificate in 2004 and was the first Polish potato producer who decided to make this step. At the beginning, certification only included potato production, but later it was broadened to cover our other crops. The advantage of introducing this certificate was primarily structuring the activities related to the production of safe food. Today, thanks to adopted procedures we can prevent the occurrence of any threats to the safety of our agricultural products. We guarantee their high quality, thus building the confidence both customers and contractors. The certificate also confirms the compliance of our practices and procedures with EU and national legislation.

We are the first and only potato producer in Poland that received the title of >„McDonald's Flagship Farm”. This award is a tribute to our work and the direction in which the farm develops. McDonald's gives this title to its contractors and suppliers who promote and implement the principles of sustainable agriculture, while ensuring high quality and safety of food produced. This award is granted on the basis of the analysis of the following three aspects of the activities on the farm:

  • ethical aspect, with concern to observing workers' rights, safety and development of workers, business ethics in the context of relations and cooperation with partners,
  • environmental aspect, which takes into account company's activity in terms of protecting biodiversity, preventing air, soil and water pollution, by adopting of relevant technologies,
  • economic aspect, which takes into account company's influence on the local economy, community and care about the quality of manufactured products.

This title is a form of promotion for the farms that implement and apply good agricultural practices. Thanks to this we feel of consistency of our aspirations with the tendencies of development of farming in the world.

In 2004 we have been appointed as one of the pilot farms for the Polish Association for Sustainable Agriculture "ASAP". Its purpose is to promote the idea of sustainable agriculture among Polish food producers by assisting in the development and implementation of its standards on farms and sharing the knowledge necessary for the introduction of new practices. The primary objective of this idea is to conduct business in a manner that respects natural resources, supporting the development of local comunities and ensuring a profit for the farmer.

Being a member of the Association we try to support the efforts of other farms to implement principles of the sustainable agriculture in their activities. We offer them our knowledge and experience in implementing the new agricultural practices. For this purpose we organize Open Days at our farm, inviting all those interested in the subject. For years they have been very much appreciated because of their practical values.

Our farm does not stop in finding new solutions at each stage of agricultural production. We want to produce better and healthier food, caring for the natural environment and surrounding where we operate. That is why we conduct of fields trials aimed at:

  • finding new potato varieties and plants, suitable for being grown in our soil and climate conditions,
  • optimizing fertilization of crops in a way that reduces the need for fertilizers
  • replacing traditional pesticides with biological measures
  • testing new technological solutions.