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Working conditions

First of all, the employee

A good agriculture policy ensures the loyalty of workers towards the company and their dedication to the job. It is also the foundation of mutual good relations that positively translate into cooperation. Our company has based its policy on 4 foundations:

  • respecting workers' rights
  • health and safety at work
  • health related activities
  • mutual assistance and integration.


The company has clearly defined workers' rights as those available to all members of the crew. Observing them builds a clear and transparent communication with the employees, based on mutual respect. They are also an expression of the good practice within the company which respects the law and is against all forms of discrimination or denial of freedom of beliefs.

Here are the most important ones:

  • no discrimination of full time and part time workers
  • no forced labor
  • no employment of children
  • taking into account language and cultural barriers
  • equal chances to work
  • clear and transparent policy on overtime
  • observing the holiday laws
  • wages and employee benefits paid on time
  • clear system of deductions from the salaries
  • no acceptance to mobbing and sexual harassment.


We constantly invest in improving labor standards on our farm, in order to ensure workers' safety and comfort while performing their daily duties. Our efforts in this respect have been appreciated in 2008. We received the award for the 3rd place in the competition "Employer: Organizer of Safe Work", organized by the state Labor Inspection. However, we are most proud of the low rate of accidents at work. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our actions not only in terms of creating safe working conditions but also the effectiveness of our health and safety training. Increasing the awareness of hazards present on the farm for the health or even life translates to the workers' greater caution and attention.

Our activities for the benefit of the health and safety at work include:

  • investing in modern machinery and agricultural equipment
  • providing workers with changing rooms, showers and professional service for washing working clothes
  • providing workers on site with mobile toilet facilities
  • heating the potato sorting bin
  • regular tests of machinery and equipment for noise and vibration levels
  • providing workers with working clothes and safety footwear
  • providing meals to operators during harvesting
  • analyzing current threats to the safety and helt of the workers
  • providing workers with medical care and assistance in case of an accident
  • anti-alcohol policy.


An important issue for us as an employer is to take care for the health of the employees in our company. We organize preventive actions that play an important role in education and contribute to promoting good habits in terms of taking care of proper conditions of the body. Thanks to these actions we can help to increase workers' awareness and to make them convinced that regular medical examinations are good. Therefore, in addition to those action that are required by the labor law, we also provide the following, free of charge:

  • early detection of cancer for men and women
  • vaccination against influenza and tetanus.


Our farm takes also care of its crew's integration, organizing all kinds of trips or special events. Some of them are a long tradition in the company, which is still live and remains constantly popular. Our workers can also rely on our assistance and help in various situations of life.

Here are some of the practices that we adopted:

  • we provide loans and financial support
  • we grant equal allowances of potatoes and fries for each worker
  • we lend machines for workers' own use
  • we provide washing powder for part time workers
  • we organize trips, also for children, children's day on site
  • we give Christmas bonus
  • we organize seasonal events after the field work in the season is completed and Christmas and New Year's parites.