Employee training system in our company


Our farm started its activity at the time of largest system change in Poland. the 1990's are marked in history as those which brought many changes in the economy and social life. Creating modern farm, as for that time, we put a lot of effort and work in the proper preparation of our workers for new tasks they were facing in a commercial company. Through training, taking place not only in Poland, but especially abroad, our staff acquired a lot of valuable professional experience. It was important for us to ensure that every employee has broad access to knowledge and to create the best prospects for personal development.

Over the years, the company has invested in modern machinery and equipment and adopted new solutions in terms of farm management. This involved a constant improvement of our crew qualifications and getting more skills in the use and handling of new technologies. Care for employees development has been our company's primary goal, as it translates into further successes. It is the creativity of people employed here and their desire to gain new experiences that constitutes its value.


Alongside specialized training, whose main objective is to educate workers in their profession, we also organize courses and training related to maitaining safety at work on our farm. These are:

  • training in health and safety
  • training in first aid
  • fire training

Thanks to these courses the company has a very low rate of accidents at work.


Every year we invite students who want to complement their knowledge with some practical skills. We propose interesting projects and education in the use of modern technologies. We offer our knowledge and years of experience.
Supervisors takes care of the students and coordinates their activities. In addition they are provided with apartments in our palace in case they live far away and would have to travel. We try to create favorable conditions for learning and working for the students who visit us.